Sunday, March 3, 2019

Make Your Way through Haze With Special Fog Lights

Visibility is considered as an important subject matter in automobiles because the reason of most of the collisions is poor visibility. Brake failures and other breakdowns are not considered as the major causes of mishaps because these are quite frequent in the nighttime. For this, we have headlights that serve the purpose of providing clear vision to the driver during the hours of darkness. There are other environmental conditions that have become the reasons of crashes in the colder areas. Yes, I am talking about the foggy condition. People living in the cold environment always complain about improper visibility, which is not even solved with headlights. The purpose of making front lights is different and vision problems in foggy condition are entirely different. Therefore, a special light source is required for solving vision issues in fog.

 To solve this issue, a new light type was introduced and named as Fog Lights. These distinct light forms are perfect for inclement weather. These are used when the headlights are not just enough to give a clear road view. The light produced by them is of longer wavelength, which should only be used when required. These lights can momentarily blind other drivers that are approaching from the front and make them visually impaired for few seconds. This can also lead to accidents; therefore, one must read the regulations of utilizing these fog lamps. These lights are available as standard on a number of automobiles. However, these can also be featured aftermarket. The working of these haze lights is absolutely different from headlights.

 There are different types of fog lamps existing in the market that differ in the technology on which they work. These include:

 LED Fog Lamps: These lights have a lens which keeps the light below the eye level of approaching traffic. There is no filament involved in them and these are free from the burning hassles. These lights are not even affected by water and vibrations.

 Halogen Fog Lamps: There is pressurized halogen gas used inside the bulbs of Halogen fog lights that burn brightly. Moreover, the filament is used in these lamps which results in burning and heat production. Although these haze lights have some drawbacks, but are better than conventional fog lamps.

 HID Fog Lamps: These are enlightened due to electrical charge that ignites the Xenon gas present inside the bulb. The light produced is bright that best serve the purpose along with headlight.


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